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Kinesio Taping for Athletes & Musicians

Many of you have been watching the Olympics this month and you may have noticed some athletes with different colored tape on their arms, legs and backs. That’s Kinesio tape. Japanese scientists created this tape for a very specific purpose: to create some stability, although it’s not a stabilizing tape (think white, heavy athletic tape on ankles); this tape allows a slight lift of the skin and the top muscle layer, so drainage can begin much faster for the athlete (or musician). This is because blood circulation and oxygen get to the affected area 20 or 30 times more than usual.

A benefit of Kinesio taping is it doesn’t restrict any motion. Your movement as an athlete or musician is still the same, and the tape can sometimes enhance your movement. It allows more controlled motion. Because the tape controls a certain muscle activity in flexion and extension without deviating from the proper elongation of the muscle, it immediately treats it without medication.

Kinesio taping also helps sustain the massage you just received for an injury or repetitive motion problem by oxygenating the area longer, and it is especially beneficial for people with an injury who still need to move around. It is designed to react when a muscle is stressed more than it should. This gives a warning to the person to slow down and relax the muscle before it is hurt. Over time, the muscles can learn to do this without the tape. According to the NHIS website, one injury many musicians and athletes have: "The Kinesio Tape produces an immediate improvement in the pain intensity at movement and nocturnal pain in patients with Shoulder Impingement Syndrome."

Whether you are a young athlete, a musician, or office worker dealing with a muscle or tendon injury, or people wanting to manage degenerative joint pain, Kinesio Tape can help. According to the Kinesio Taping website: "It has been proven to have positive effects on the skin, lymphatic, and circulatory system, fascia, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints."

Benefits include:

• Pain relief

• Reduced swelling and inflammation

• Accelerated Recovery from Bruises and Contusions

• Prevents and/or Relieves Muscle Spasms and Cramping

• Speedier Recovery of Overused Muscles

• Supports Injured Muscles and Joints without Restricting Range of Motion

• Allows Athletes to Remain Active while Injured

• Enhances Strength and Muscle Tone in Weak or Poorly-Toned Muscles

At The Indiana Holistic Center, we offer various taping options for musicians, dancers, athletes, employees, and older adults. See:

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